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  • CEC Meeting to welcome new Staff

    A day to celebrate the answer to prayers. After a period without any support staff CEC celebrates and welcomes its new staff... More +

  • CEC Advent Recollection

    In preparation for the birth of our Savior and Lord in the spirit of Christmas a day for recollection was organized... More +

  • Catholic Enquiry Centre completes 45 years of yeoman service!

    The CEC Bangalore proudly celebrated 45 years of its mission on Sun, Oct 16th at St. Patrick Church, Brigade Road... More +

  • 16th Commission for Proclamation / Evangelization

    Date 17th August 2022 at Ascension Church. Sr Clare CL dsp from CEC attended the meeting The keynote address was given... More +

  • Memorial Service of Rev Sr Veronica dsp

    Rev Sr Veronica dsp former directress of CEC Bangalore passed away on the 29th June 2022. A memorial service was conducted... More +

  • Festival outreach at St Patricks Church

    St Patricks church celebrated the feast of St Anthony on the 13th June 2022. CEC had put up a stall for evangelization... More +

  • Festival outreach at St Anthony's Church T.C Palya

    t Anthony is one of the most popular saints in the Catholic church. Devotees consider him as a miracle worker and flock... More +

  • CEC unit in Sacred Heart Church

    CEC unit in Sacred Heart Church was inaugurated on the 25th March 2022 on the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord. The Parish... More +

  • It is a humble effort to inform people of the inner freedom, peace and joy that they can enjoy through the knowledge and experience of Lord Jesus Christ.
  • It is a welcome guide for people to help move towards a medium of communication (prayer conversations) with God, that works for human happiness and for God’s glory.
  • It is an outlet for Christians who wish to share the joy that they have experienced in Christ, through Christ and with Christ, during their journey of life.
  • It is a haven for the troubled and the distraught, the lonely and the forsaken, seeking peace and truth.
  • It is a place where one can ask questions on Christ and the Christian Faith and debate on answers, so as to help understand the marvels of our Creator, HIS Salvation Plan and the richness of the universal Catholic Faith.
  • It is also an ongoing evangelization programme, a voice of the Catholic Church.

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