At the Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC). We experience the joy of reaching out to hundreds of people, many belonging to other faiths, to spread the great message of God’s love for us, His children.


Dear Child of God, I request you to lift your hearts to God and join me as I pray: Loving Father, pour out your abundant LOVE into the hearts of the reader and the hearers through the Holy Spirit, whom you have given as your gift to us. Dear Holy Spirit, fill them with divine wisdom to know and love you. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.


Begun originally in 1957, as a Lay persons ministry for answering questions on JESUS CHRIST, this was a small association of people called the CATHOLIC INFORMATION BUREAU (CIB), with Ms. Francis Rondo as its Secretary. In 1977, due to her ill health and ageing self, this was handed over to the Media Missionaries, the Daughters of St. Paul, with Sr. Grazia Vaz as its first Directress. This transition was ably brought about by the late Archbishop, Most Rev. P. Arokiaswamy, and the organization was christened as the CATHOLIC ENQUIRY CENTRE (CEC).


Infant Jesus Church is a well-known Pilgrim Centre in Bangalore, where people of all religions come seeking solace and comfort. Some of them, who are wounded, suffering deep pain , anxiety , fear and confusion approach CEC for guidance, prayer and counselling.

CEC has few co-workers who are qualified and skilled I counselling. They reach out to such people with love, help them to calm down and share their problems. They are assured of the confidentiality of the matters discussed.

During these sessions, the counsellors are able to share the message of love, joy and peace that one can receive from Jesus Christ. Counsellor’s also help them to realize the power of the name of Jesus and the mercy and compassion of God to every one irrespective of caste and creed. The counsellors also cater to the spiritual needs of those Christians who have either gone astray or weak in their catholic faith.

Counselling in English, Tamil, Kannada, Konkani and Malayalam can be availed from CEC at Infant Jesus Church.

The co-workers also pray for those who request prayers during their visit to CEC. Many devotees of Infant Jesus avail these facilities.


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Since then, and with purpose-filled relocations, CEC has grown in its reach, and as a family of enthused dedicated Co-workers, MAKING CHRIST KNOWN, either through simple conversations or sometimes through large well-planned Programs.

Situated at the INFANT JESUS SHRINE, it has attracted many pilgrims, from varied faiths and social strata, on a quest for Christ’s love. With the rapid growth of Bangalore, the rise in the international population, and the increased mixture of technocrats from different ‘States’, CEC’s presence and purpose has become all the more relevant TODAY!


With the changing times and the need to focus on the right communication reaching the right audience sets or even capturing their attention, the Archdiocesan Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC) constantly updates the publicity material used.
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A person of different faith, wanting to know Lord Jesus is considered a “Seeker” / ENQUIRER. This is also because they are often-times filled with queries and SEEKING ANSWERS to questions with regard to Christ Jesus, HIS Church, the Catholic Faith etc... They can be anyone from any social strata / speak different languages / may be employed or not…

When such an “Enquirer” gets in touch with CEC Co-workers at the CEC Office or at a Table Ministry in an Outreach Mission, the person is given options to choose from the Archdiocesan CEC’s FREE BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSES (FCC offered in English, Kannada, and Tamil, from the Bangalore Office). ONLY when the Enquirer is ready and willing (of FREE will) would a “Consent Card” or the “Contact Card” be given to sign-in for the FCC Programme. This card will ask for basic information like Name, Contact Number, Address etc.

As a “Registered Enquirer” the person is free to read through and understand the Course Material at their own convenient pace. They are also free to call / contact the CEC Office for help in areas where they might need further explanation. They are also advised to send in completed Question Papers at the end of some sections, so as to help CEC evaluate their understanding.

Sometimes, Enquirers may call in for Prayer, Counselling, Information regarding Sacraments (Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage etc) when he/she is guided to the appropriate Team in the Catholic Church for pastoral help.

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