At the Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC). We experience the joy of reaching out to hundreds of people, many belonging to other faiths, to spread the great message of God’s love for us, His children.


Dear Child of God, I request you to lift your hearts to God and join me as I pray: Loving Father, pour out your abundant LOVE into the hearts of the reader and the hearers through the Holy Spirit, whom you have given as your gift to us. Dear Holy Spirit, fill them with divine wisdom to know and love you. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.


Welcome friends! A warm welcome to each one of you, whom the Lord has brought to our website today! Yes, it is Christmas AGAIN! How wonderful it is for us, that we can celebrate together, the Birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, once again!

Christmas is a universal feast, for it is a FEAST OF LIFE, a feast where the universal fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of human-kind is celebrated. It is a grateful celebration of God, Who in all His mercy and magnanimity makes Himself ineffable, becoming human to be one among us. His name is EMMANUEL (Matthew 1:23) which means “God with us” and that God IS with us… It is an assurance and an affirmation that God is deeply in love with humanity.

Christmas is the most joyous season of the year. It is a time to thank God for HIS countless blessings. Day after day, moment after moment, our God continues to shower upon us wondrous blessings … through the beauty of this world, through the grace of friends and family, through amazing situations, through everyone and everything…

It is also a time to ask the Holy Spirit to give us new insights and new reasons to rejoice and celebrate Christmas! The prophets rejoiced in anticipation of a promised Messiah. Mary rejoiced in anticipation of the birth of her son. The Angels sang “Glory to God in the highest; peace on earth for God is blessing humankind…” (Luke 2:14)… Indeed, God wants us to “Rejoice in Him always”… trusting Him in faith, we rejoice for everything that HE has made possible for us…

The CEC Family at this moment is also rejoicing in Him, especially for various Projects that were undertaken, completed or in work-in-progress state, through the year 2014. It is our divine calling to give our Lord Jesus to as many “Seekers” and “Enquirers” PROCLAIMING THE WORD to them, when they get in touch with us. I am deeply grateful to our beloved Patron, Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, for the tremendous support and encouragement in order to carry out this unique mission of CEC. While we congratulate him for his milestone ten years as Archbishop of Bangalore, we also thank God for him and pray for his good health.

I thank God for each of you, “Seekers” of the Lord - our Enquirers, our Library members, Co-Workers, Staff and well-wishers, collaborators, every parishioner, the vibrant youth, numerous families and the many communities… each one of you… for taking our journey forward by several more steps…

Needless to say, that we have a long road ahead… for this I humbly request for your prayers… so that we can make 2015 even more special, happy and meaningful for everyone.

Once again, my best wishes to you and your family for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW 2015!

Sr. Margaret Cruz dsp
Directress, CEC-Bangalore

"Let there be one body and one spirit, for God, in calling you,gave the same spirit to all.One Lord, one faith, one baptism."(Ephesians 4:4-5)

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