At the Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC). We experience the joy of reaching out to hundreds of people, many belonging to other faiths, to spread the great message of God’s love for us, His children.


Dear Child of God, I request you to lift your hearts to God and join me as I pray: Loving Father, pour out your abundant LOVE into the hearts of the reader and the hearers through the Holy Spirit, whom you have given as your gift to us. Dear Holy Spirit, fill them with divine wisdom to know and love you. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.


The bells ring out joyfully, each year on the 4th January, announcing the Good News that there is preparation coming up, of nine consecutive days’ services in honour of the Miraculous Infant Jesus. Our beloved Archbishop, Most Rev. Bernard Moras, unfurls the flag and with his blessings the inaugural service begins. Many people of all faiths find their way to Church and we meet as 'One Family', petitioning the Infant Jesus to hear our requests. Is not that what God wants: unity… togetherness?! One can see devotees in their ethnic attire of different hues. Very colorful indeed and reminds us of God’s Garden.

Thousands flock to visit the Infant Jesus shrine, Vivekngar, especially on Thursdays and Feast Days (4th –14th January)

Come 14th January, the Feast Day, the Infant Jesus is never tired of hearing our pleas. He is very happy when we call on Him, even if it is five minutes. On this day, the Catholic Enquiry Centre’s (CEC) Stall is well equipped with all kinds of prayer books, Catholic literature and Bible stories for children. Novena prayer books are very much in demand and also the Infant Jesus calendars.

The CEC Stall set up for the Infant Jesus Feast is colourful with message-banners, booklets, handouts…and people

Many are thirsting to know about this person named Jesus and our CEC evangelizers are there to enlighten them. We look back and think of the days when devotion to Infant Jesus started, with a statue installed in a small tent. Very soon people heard about him and power of prayer. They began to flock here then and continue to flock in larger numbers today. However, the tent has now been transformed in to a spacious, beautiful Church and there is room for everyone.

Devotees of other faiths sometimes share with us their sentiments. Here are of them:

• “We feel we are on holy ground. We feel the vibration”.

• “I look at Jesus. He looks at me. I say nothing. Suddenly, I feel a peace in my heart which makes me come here again and again”.

• “I am a Hindu Brahmin. I studied in the Infant Jesus School and came to know Him. I have a picture of the Monstrance in which the Host has a picture of Jesus on it. At home, I look at it and pray. Again, at these times,my eyes see Jesus. I cannot explain. When I miss a Thursday, I have no peace and problems arise. So I do my best to come every Thursday and get his ‘darshan’”.

Co- workers and Staff help answer queries from devotees at the CEC Stall during Infant Jesus Feast

Most probably, there are many others with similar experiences. I hope the Lord leads them to us, at Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC), so we can appropriately guide them to HIM!

Gemma Carvalho

"Go into all the world and PROCLAIM the GOOD NEWS to the whole creation"(Mk 16:15)

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