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Dear Child of God, I request you to lift your hearts to God and join me as I pray: Loving Father, pour out your abundant LOVE into the hearts of the reader and the hearers through the Holy Spirit, whom you have given as your gift to us. Dear Holy Spirit, fill them with divine wisdom to know and love you. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Feast of Infant Jesus

Every year, Infant Jesus feast is celebrated with reverence and devotion between the 4th and 14th of January.

Our Feast starts with Flag hoisting on 4th and continues with Nine days Novena Masses. This year, Flag hoisting was done by Most Rev.Dr.Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore. Further, to grace the occasion, not only the police officials, local MLA & Councillors but also the Hon’ble Home Minister, Shri K.J. George were present.
During these Nine Novena days, different preachers preached on different topics. Another attraction was that on two Sundays, there were Mass Marriages. For the benefit of devotees who thronged in large numbers from different parts of the country, the Holy Eucharist and preaching were conducted in Tamil, Kannada, English, Malayalam and Konkani.

The devotees participated in the Eucharistic celebrations with great eagerness and devotion. Many with lighted candles and garlands were waiting in long queues at the Shrine. Many pilgrims came walking from different parts of Tamil Nadu. Some people preferred praying at the Shrine all the time. This Shrine is a living monument to the immense faith the people have in Infant Jesus.

Feast was concluded on 14th January with a Grand Car Procession. The statue of Infant Jesus was installed in a well decorated motorised chariot was blessed by Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore. It was followed by Benediction and Holy Mass. This was taken around through the selected routes. A large crowd in thousands followed this chariot chanting prayers in different languages. At both sides of the route, the devotees thronged to see and seek blessings of Infant Jesus. At the end, the Flag of Infant Jesus was ceremoniously brought down. On the Feast day, the Infant Jesus Shrine compound could hardly contain the overflowing sea of people.


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