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  • The Synod for Synodal Church, 2021-2023

    Sr. C. L. Clare, dsp, Directress, Catholic Enquiry Centre, had arranged for an awareness-building session... More +

  • Re-activation of C.E.C. unit at St. Anthony's Church, Thambu Chetty Palya, Bengaluru

    The parish priest, Msgr. C Francis, the assistant parish priest, Fr. Naveen Kumar B., and Sr. C.L. Clare,... More +

  • Celebration of International Women's Day

    A majority of Co-Workers at the Catholic Enquiry Centre are women. And the Centre is headed by a woman. International Women's Day was therefore celebrated... More +

  • Lenten Recollection

    C.E.C. Co-Workers had a very fruitful Lenten Recollection on March 08, 2022, under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Dr. Ambrose Pitchaimuthu... More +

  • Annual Feast of Infant Jesus – January 14, 2022

    The Annual Feast of Infant Jesus was celebrated on 14-01-2022. This is the golden jubilee year of the Church and Shrine... More +

  • Catholic Enquiry Centre Day 2021

    "Evangelization is the MISSION of the Church, not just of a few! It is mine and yours, it is our MISSION". - His holiness Pope Francis... More +

  • Christmas Outreach Program

    As we are aware, Christmas is the time for sharing and caring. On this note, the CEC team of Infant Jesus Church visited Sumanahalli... More +

  • Advent Recollection and Christmas Celebration

    Christmas is the time when the message of hope, peace, joy and love is shared with many. Every year the Catholic Enquiry Centre in Viveknagar... More +

  • Welcome to Fr.ChinnaRao.V

    Rev.Fr.ChinnaRao V has been appointed as new spiritual Director of CEC on 15th October, 2021.CEC Staff... More +

  • Farewell to Rev.Fr.John Sudeep

    Rev.Fr.John Sudeep, Spiritual Director of CEC from 2019-2021 is transferred to Holy Cross Church,.. More +

  • World Mission Month Celebration

    CEC took part in the celebration of world mission month,Basilica Deanery level as our Lady... More +

  • Newly Appointed Members

    'Proclamation of evangelization' to 'proclamation and evangelization'... More +

  • St. Mary's Basilica, Shivajinagar

    The Parish Priest has designated a place for CEC unit at St. Mary's Basilica and the unit was re-activated.. More+

  • Feb 2021 - Revival of ACEC units at St. Patrick's church

    Sr. Clare, Directress initiated the revival of ACEC units as per Arch Bishop’s directions. She has started.. More+

  • Arch Bishop's visit to ACEC

    Arch Bishop. Most Rev. Peter Machado visited ACEC at Infant Jesus Church on 5th February 2021. Arch Bishop had.. More+

  • ACEC Mission during Infant Jesus Church Feast

    ACEC had put up a stall at Infant Jesus Church on the feast day on 14th January 2021. Message banners,.. More+


    This year Advent recollection and Christmas Celebrations were held on 15th December 2020. Rev Fr Ambrose Pitchaimuthu.. More+

  • Farewell to Mr.Mani

    Mr. Mani a part-time staff at ACEC retired in the month of November 2020. Mr.Mani was very committed and showed.. More+


    In response to Archbishop’s direction, ACEC created a documentary on ACEC’s journey right from its inception during.. More+


    It is a blessing to welcome you to this website, a communication channel for our Archdiocesan Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC).. More+

  • CEC Youth

    Catholic Enquiry Centre is grateful to God for the newly formed Youth group on 21st May it is very remarkable day for CEC.. More+

  • Visitors from Rome

    Rev.Fr. Luciano and Mrs. Anna Maria from Rome visited our centre on16th of July 2016. They were warmly welcomed with.. More+

  • Christmas Get-Together Programme

    Christmas get-together Programme was held on Saturday, 10th December 2016 at 3.00 pm at St. Patrick’s Church School Hall.. More+

  • Tumkur Mission

    On 23rd October 2016 we left for ID Halli, Madhugiri-Tumkur at 7 am for our mission. We the Staff, Co workers and CEC.. More+

  • CEC Sunday 10th July 2016

    It was with a great Joy Archdiocesan Catholic Enquiry Centre Sunday was celebrated at Our Lady of Lourdes Church.. More+

  • CEC Family Welcomes “ CEC Youth for Christ”

    Catholic Enquiry Centre is grateful to God for the newly formed Youth group on 21st May it is very remarkable day.. More+

  • Visit to "Home OF HOPE"

    As part of celebrating the “Jubilee Year Of Mercy”, one of our programmes included visiting the inmatesof the Home.. More+

  • MALTA Delegation at CEC Bangalore – 11th February 2016

    A traditional welcome saw all the three guests from Malta – Msgr Salvinu Micallef, Fr Rosario Galdes and Mr Patrich Fenech.. More+

  • It is a humble effort to inform people of the inner freedom, peace and joy that they can enjoy through the knowledge and experience of Lord Jesus Christ.
  • It is a welcome guide for people to help move towards a medium of communication (prayer conversations) with God, that works for human happiness and for God’s glory.
  • It is an outlet for Christians who wish to share the joy that they have experienced in Christ, through Christ and with Christ, during their journey of life.
  • It is a haven for the troubled and the distraught, the lonely and the forsaken, seeking peace and truth.
  • It is a place where one can ask questions on Christ and the Christian Faith and debate on answers, so as to help understand the marvels of our Creator, HIS Salvation Plan and the richness of the universal Catholic Faith.
  • It is also an ongoing evangelization programme, a voice of the Catholic Church.

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